Too hungry to settle for chick food

screenprint, marker and thread on paper 70×50, 2017

“When vegetarians attempt to disarm the dominant control of language,they are seen as picky, paticulary, embittered, self-righteous, confrontative, and especially sentimental, rather than political liberators like Washington or Lincoln. The objection to the killing of animals is equated with sentimentality, childish emotions, or “Bambi-morality”. By extension, this objection is seen as “womanish”.” 

– Carol J. Adams “The Sexual Politics of Meat”

I’ve taken words, phrases and sentences that I’ve been confronted with since choosing a vegan diet – both said to my face and mentioned in advertisements. Responding to them “Warum fühlst du dich bedroht?”/”Why are you feeling threatened?” and by extension asking the viewer: Why do you feel the need to ridicule and downplay me and my position?