Der Flüchtlingsstrom hält an – ZIB 25.09.2015-25.10.2015

video installation, 41 sec. (loop), 2016

Der Flüchtlingsstrom hält an – ZIB 25.09.2015-25.10.2015 exposes the degrading and dehumanizing language used by „Zeit im Bild“.

Screen nr. 1 shows scenes from „Zeit im Bild“, the major news show by Austrias state owned TV Network (ORF). Spanning a timeframe of one month every mention of the words „Flüchtlingsstrom“ (engl. flood of refugees) and „Flüchtslingswelle“ (engl. wave of refugees) in their numerous variations are shown.  The timeframe was chosen to cover the weeks before and after the Vienna city council elections on October 11th 2015.

Screen Nr. 2 shows  the two quotes above, that deal with the danger of using words like “Flüchtlingsstrom”