hysterisch X Weichei

Installation in public space common gender-stereotypes in the form of oversized “labels” – how do I feel about them? – can I own this label and thereby taking away its negative influence over me? – which labels are “female”, which “male”? Do I agree?   Shown at “Frauenwahlrechtsabschaffungszentrale”, September 2018, Resselpark, Vienna event website (german)

Is this aligned with my brand

animated collage, 30 seconds, loop, 2018   How do I present myself, my body, my identity online? Knowing that a good social media presence -a „personal brand“- can lead to professional advantages, how far do I go in the creation of said personal brand? In „Is this aligned with my brand?“ I work with found


acrylic glass mirror, 25x25cm, 2018 Image as a picture, image as a „personal brand“. The viewer looks at

When does somebody become something

Photo/montage series exploring the question “When does somebody become something”? 2018 I combine photos of my own body with bodies of non-human animals normally exploited for human consumption. My aim is to challenge the strict division between bodies that are awarded rights of self determination and bodies that are an accepted casualty in the pursuit


Culture jamming project, poster, flyer, Instagram account, 2018 eovie is more than a product – it is a

How to make a haul video

video, 1:18 min. (loop), 2015 The video work How to Make a Haul Video offers a glimpse into the Youtube phenomena of haul videos. Filming a haul on Youtube means filming a video showing products one recently bought, mostly fashion or beauty products. The young women shown in How to Make a Haul Video belong

too hungry to settle for chick food

“When vegetarians attempt to disarm the dominant control of language,they are seen as picky, paticulary, embittered, self-righteous, confrontative,

Der Flüchtlingsstrom hält an – ZIB 25.09.2015-25.10.2015

    —–scroll down for english version — — „Durch Sprache werden Ideologien und Werthaltungen transportiert. Es geht darum, Menschen nicht abzuwerten. Sprachliche Gewalt ebnet den Weg für physische Gewalt. Darüber nachzudenken, welche Begriffe man verwendet, sollte also im Interesse von allen sein.“ – Ruth Wodak, orf.at 05.08.2015 “Bei “Flut” hat man natürlich sofort die